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Re: Rnet oem Dongle

Postby nevis_the_menace » 23 Dec 2020, 19:00

I've been lurking these boards for a bit after getting my new Permobil chair. I really wish I'd found them before getting it and learning how inaccessible Permobil's made it to change any settings... cough :bs cough but here I am.

I have 2 questions:
    1. Is anyone currently selling an R-net dongle? OEM would be nice, but so would unicorns czy
    2. How reliable is the workaround for accessing OEM settings from a dealer-level dongle?

Feel free to PM me if that's better for you.
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Re: Rnet oem Dongle

Postby Burgerman » 23 Dec 2020, 20:37

Theres been 3 sold on here in the last 2 months. The workaround is perfectly reliable. But not sure how reliable anything will be on a permobil as they use odd home designed parts that the generic or sunrise R-Net software cannot program. Seating and lighting electronics/modules for e.g. Same with stability or gyro modules. And worse rover tells me that on occasion he has found chairs that the generic R-Net programmers cannot write to at all. Because of bespoke permobil firmware. So your mileage may vary. Nothing garanteed with permobil I'm afraid.

If you PM me I can tell you where to buy OEM dongles from.
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