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Stray thought

Postby wilsonintexas » 27 Jan 2021, 16:52

I had a brain tumor and had to go thru radiation. It affected my memory so i often have to go back and look things up. When it comes to batteries and chargers i always come here.

I know that the answer is probably in the 200 page post on lipo conversion.

Would it be possible to extract some of the common questions into a thread that is locked so it does not get gummed up with comments?

Here are some i have often come here for:

Which charger is currently recommended

What lipo batteries are currently recommended

What lead acid batteries are recommended
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Re: Stray thought

Postby Burgerman » 27 Jan 2021, 17:07

I cant really add any more locked threads at the top. No space!

Which charger is currently recommended

For lithium, we are awaiting the PL8v2 to get itself back in stock! Otherwise unknown right now.

What lipo batteries are currently recommended

Again, changes all the time. New sizes, capacities, sellers, etc. Depends what you want! There some super cheap that expresso just recieved, on a different thread. And 202Ah. They easily fit most grp24 chairs. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1813&start=5970

What lead acid batteries are recommended

Since you can get lithium 200Ah for around the same price, with a decade of lifespan, 5x the rage, and half the weight NON! Lead are crappy, and way too short lived and expensive! And they start out with 5x less range and get worse until they go in the bin after around 9 months or heavy use or 10 years watching TV.
If you must, MK Gel, or Odyssey if those will fit your chair.
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