‘Game changing’ Toyota solid-state battery

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‘Game changing’ Toyota solid-state battery

Postby Jay_x » 30 Jan 2021, 22:55

‘Game changing’ Toyota solid-state battery lighter, much more powerful than current lithium-ion

Toyota confirmed this week that it’s developing a solid-state battery to be used in vehicle electrification. Compared to conventional lithium-ion, solid-state lithium-metal batteries are much lighter, more powerful, take up less space, charge faster, last longer and present much lower risks for flammability.

While Toyota, the parent company of truck manufacturer Hino, won’t reveal much on the matter, they did offer the following statement:

Next-generation batteries, such as solid state and metal-air batteries, are safer and demonstrate higher performance than lithium-ion batteries. We are currently working on the research and development, including the production technology of solid-state batteries, and we have achieved ultra-small BEV driving. We are accelerating development aiming for commercialization by the first half of the 2020s.

No word yet on whether Toyota’s commercial vehicle affiliate Hino will be using the company’s solid-state batteries. Hino has used conventional lithium-ion batteries in its hybrid trucks.

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Re: ‘Game changing’ Toyota solid-state battery

Postby ex-Gooserider » 02 Feb 2021, 07:27

There are lots of stories like this about new 'game-changing' tech of different sorts, from lots of different manufacturers.... 99.999% don't seem to actually produce any products, and I suspect that it is mostly just a way to get a press release out when a company hasn't been doing anything else particularly newsworthy lately...

I look at these kinds of stories and my response is "I'll believe it (maybe) when I see a product on the shelf, and NOT before"

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