Why is mine more floppy

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Why is mine more floppy

Postby LearnerDriver » 15 Feb 2021, 23:41

Ok so we have 2 identical chairs with 2 identical controllers and one of them the joystick is much more floppy.

They are DX-REMG90A.

Is there something that is serviceable in the joysticks so that they have the same sort of feedback when driving?
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Re: Why is mine more floppy

Postby steves1977uk » 16 Feb 2021, 00:34

I know on PGDT joysticks you can loosen/tighten the spring on the joystick itself. Dynamic joysticks should be the same, although I don't have any here since I'm not a fan of their system.

Hope this helps. :thumbup:

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Re: Why is mine more floppy

Postby LROBBINS » 16 Feb 2021, 10:05

On the Dynamic attendant joystick we used to have after taking off the rubber boot there's a spring washer visible that puts the spring in compression. The further it was slid down closer to the pot, the stronger the centering force. I think that the same basic type of pot is used in all (or most) dynamic joysticks.
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