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Postby White Lightnin' » 13 Feb 2020, 20:17

Pity those nice looking alloy rims wouldn't work on the MicroMotor in-line motor hubs. I'd certainly rather have them than the gloss-black painted 8" trailer wheels now on Rachi's chair. BTW, those aren't the only 8" tubeless tires that can be had - Rachi has Carlisle Turf Saver 4.80 - 8 tubeless; diameter 16.5", mounted width 4.8" running at 5 psi.

If you’re interested in a change I’ve found that Vespa is now selling a tubeless rim 10” diameter. I haven’t checked, but I’m thinking they can be used with the Micro Motors. The 2.5” wide rim can be used with the radial tire sizes in this thread. I’m thinking of trying it with my Balder. Sizing up the chair I’m also thing I can fit a 220 amp lithium battery pack also. I’ve found a 0-30 volt, 0-100 amp charger for an affordable price. There are also some 0-30 volt chargers with lower amp capacities for less money.
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