Programming cable specifically for S-Drive controllers

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Re: Programming cable specifically for S-Drive controllers

Postby woodygb » 22 May 2020, 09:43

Khalid wrote:Okay i will try that and ill let you know, i guess if this fails ill need another ftdi board right

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Re: Programming cable specifically for S-Drive controllers

Postby disabile67 » Yesterday, 02:37

Hi, I came here hoping to be able to solve my problem.

I own a Pride victory xl140 scooter bought new five years ago.
In 2017, to have more autonomy (original 75Ah batteries), I purchased 120Ah batteries in an online store. These, after only two years, one day almost left me on the street, just over ten kilometers from my home. I don't know how I did it but slowly (about four kilometers per hour) I managed to go home.
I thought that one or both of the batteries were to be replaced (cheap Chinese brand batteries) and I decided to install two more 100 Ah Fiamm. I decided for this brand because I have two more (80 Ah) on the electric wheelchair that still work after about five years.
Well, buy the spring of 2019, and, after only fourteen months (twelve months warranty ...), I found myself traveling only twenty kilometers instead of the almost fifty of just mounted.
At first I got angry because I thought I had a rip-off and that the batteries were defective (two Fiamm 80Ah still good after five years and these Fiamm 100Ah only one year? ...), then, however, the scooter is it has been going well for two days, after twenty kilometers it has eaten only a green light.
At this point I didn't know what to do ... are the batteries to be changed or does the scooter have any problems?
I have not yet trusted to travel more than twenty kilometers for fear of staying still away from home, maybe next week I try.
All this led me around the net to look for some solution to the problem, which was not found, but I found you and your explanation on how to connect the scooter to the PC. Maybe in this way I could see if connecting the control unit to the PC, some list of errors or faults of the scooter came up.
I don't know if this is possible or not to see, however, given the costs that have the assistance for repairs, I thought that trying would not hurt.

Now my request would be: could you please tell me where to find the program to install on the PC?
I've been looking for him for three days but can't find him.

I apologize for all the writing errors but I don't speak English, I am Italian, to read and write I use the Google translator.

I hope for your help.

Hello and thanks.
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Re: Programming cable specifically for S-Drive controllers

Postby LROBBINS » Yesterday, 08:29

Lead acid batteries last longer if always kept as full as possible, so you should charge every day even if used only for a few moments. If you use it for more than a very few km, it's a good idea to plug it in for a quick zap during the day as well.

If the batteries started out with different levels of charge, no charger will get them both full - one will overcharge and the other undercharge. So before using for the first time, disconnect them from the chair and temporarily wire them in parallel (+ to + and - to -) and leave them that way for several hours (a full 24 is best). Then remove the temporary connections, re-connect to chair and charge completely. Completely means not till you get a green light, but for as many hours as possible after that while they top off at float voltage (if your charger actually has a float voltage and is working properly).

Fiamm makes several different series of sealed (AGM) batteries. Some are intended for standby, low-current use, others for cyclic use which is what you want - I think it's the Super Cyclic series. They all have relatively high internal resistance, so won't give the snappy performance of, for example, Odyssey Extreme, but they are pretty reliable if kept as close to 100% charge as possible. Given that this is a scooter, however, there's less need for high current draw as one has with a wheelchair when turning in place, so the Fiamm are probably a decent choice.

Changing programming will almost not solve charge problems.
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Re: Programming cable specifically for S-Drive controllers

Postby Burgerman » Yesterday, 11:01

Lead battery problems are extremely common on scooters or powerchairs. The main subject of all the issues on this forum. The fact that you got 2 years is already quite amazing. 9 months of hard use is nearer the mark. It all depends how they are treated.

I cannot stress how important the things that lenny says above really are.

Even the best quality batteries, and theres only really a couple (MK gel, not AGM, and Odyssey) are still inadequate and pretty rubbish when compared to the modern lithium packs many of us are using today.

Things that literally KILL your batteries fast include:
1. Too small battery fitted. Frequently see this in powerchairs and scooters.
2. One battery replaced out of a pair.
3. Failure to fully charge (to ensure both are ABSOLUTELY EQUALLY CHARGED) on initial instalation, BEFORE installing. Each one seperately, or in parallel.
4.Discarging them deeply. Ie if the battery CAN go 30 miles, only go 15. Dont discharge below 50% or at very worst 80% on odd occasions. The deeper they are discharged the faster they die and this is the usual cause of death. Discharge below 11.2V - around 90% and you get only a few 10s of cycles.
5. NOT charging them imediately after use!
6. Most mobility charger as simply crap. If they are charged with these things, you will get half the service life.
7. Heat. Aver couple of degrees HALVES the service life.
8. Undercharging. Charge daily, at least overnight and leave them connected for 24 hours or longer at least weekly if possible.
9. CHEAP batteries. All lead batteries are junk. The best possible ones are slighly less junk. The rest are false economy. The very best are low resistance and so you get better performance and MORE RANGE. But IF CHARGED CORRECTLY, they will give you 400 cycles or so before range becomes 2/3rds of the original range. The cheap ones half that.

Realistically you are likely doing many of the things they hate, and will not get anywhere near the cycle life you expect. Anything from a few months to 9 months is common. Even is you obey all of the above. I suspect you are expecting too much and going too far and and charging with a crappy mobility charger murdering the batteries.

Also no battery goes bad in 2 years 1 day. They start off at 95% capacity. Rise to around 105% capacity in the first 10 to 20 cycles. Then after this first month the decline begins. Range gets less and less every cycle as capacity diminishes. You only notice this when it impacts on your day 2 years and 1 day later.

The reality is that after 2 months your 100Ah battery is probably a 90Ah one. And after a year of hard use it is a 60Ah one.
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