Scooter? transaxle available....

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Scooter? transaxle available....

Postby ex-Gooserider » 07 Oct 2018, 03:53

One of the other inmates at the Asylum came by my space the other day and offered me a transaxle, presumably off a scooter or possibly one of the chairs with single motor drive and servo steering....

The label on the motor is illegible, so no idea what it came off of.... There is a brake coil label that says it's made by Warner, and takes 24V...
Tires are solids, hospital green, marked 260 x 85 or 3.00-4 10X3 wheels are cast and look like split rims.

About 24" overall width, at the ends of the axle casting are mounting yokes, about 15.25" between the bolt holes, the holes in the yokes are about 3" apart.

The motor is two brush, about 3"D by 8" long, with a brake on the end. There is a lever to put it into freewheel.

I tossed it up on the bench, the brake coil measures about 6.5 ohms... It didn't click at 12 or 25V, it did at 50, but barely - I'm guessing internal corrosion or possibly partly shorted.

The motor runs no load from about 3V to 60, and draws 1-2A doing it... The gearbox / differential seems to work fine, I can hold one wheel and watch the other go twice as fast.... However it doesn't sound great, I'd probably want to do a rebuild on it with new bearings....

Considering that the guy that gave it to me is on the board of Burning Man, it has possibly been to the playa, which would be another definite reason to need a rebuild...

Definitely a good bit of rust and corrosion / dirt on it (at least one wheel looks like it might be a battle to get off...)

I don't have any significant projects that come to mind for it - if anyone is interested let me know and I'd be happy to pass it on for the cost of shipping... (It is pretty hefty, but should be UPSable...)

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