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Re: Hyperion charger Odyssey battery charging settings

PostPosted: 20 Aug 2019, 20:00
by Burgerman
So let me get this straight.

Firstly you are saying I can charge the 2 dry cell batteries wired in series JUST with the fusion PSU through an Anderson connection? I do not need the Hyperion charger?

NO. Nobody ever said that. SHIRLEYS supply can. And do a 3 stage charge, and you can set up all the values yourself.

First of all, a "dry cell" battery isnt. Its just a lead AGM or Gel (which?) battery.
And that fusion supply will fail anyway. And it needs more power.

If I charge it JUST with the fusion PSU, will that set up charge the batteries better than using the Hyperion charger the way BM has told me to set it up?
I'm just trying to give the 2 batteries a decent charge. :-)

The SHIRLEY power supply can correctly charge the batteries (IF you know what they are in detail and configure it correctly).
The PL8 needs a power supply and it can ALSO correctly charge the lead bricks.
The fusion supply will die, if it doesent it will never know when to stop, if used as a charger. You would need to know what amps, what voltage, and how long. Do you?