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Postby rickystyx » 25 Sep 2019, 11:51

OK I have learned a lot in a very short amount of time whilst trying to become mobile.

Having bought a relatively cheap but hardly used Ottobock B400 as my second chair I soon found that although I could get places easier it still had quite a lot of issues not just with the programming which was awful but with the standard design and those awful puncture free tyres.
Having limited funds I had to decide which changes I could do bit by bit - so apart from throwing away the built in anchor (kerb hooker) and shifting the seat back by 4 inches, I decided to go for some pneumatic tyres.
Should be easy and relatively chaeap thought I - well yes and no - getting some 3.00 x 4 tyres for the castors was easy enough and the nice thing with the B400 was the tyres would go into the castor forks without any modification - nice and easy and a great improvement.

The next improvement was supposed to be the rear tyres but having ordered some replacement 12 x 2.25 tyres I found they were completely the wrong size even though that was what it says on the original tyres - back to the drawing board and ordered some 3.00 x8 tyres which did fit - again massive improvement but I like to go round nature reserves and I had that occassional sinking feeling as the soft gravel paths swallowed up the drive wheel every now and again.

So at last I have managed to get some wheel adapters made and have fitted some low pressure 6 inch wide wheels that hopefully will not sink as easily.
Now to get on with sorting out a lifepo4 pack or if I can sell a few more bits and bobs a full lithium battery.
I haven't worked out how to put pictures in my posts yet but just wanted to thank BM and others for the inspiration on this site which has helped me transform things into something more useable
ottobock b400 modified wheels and 150Ah lifepo4
30Ah add on Lifepo4
TGA breeze 4 150Ah Lifepo4
Sunrise F55 (BM1 style)
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Postby Williamclark77 » 25 Sep 2019, 15:16

Sounds like a great start. Just keep doing improvements that work FOR YOU. What does best for BM, myself, or others may not be the best option for you. Good tires are about the best bang for the buck you can do. Keep poking around here for inspiration and posting what you do to inspire others. - Get nearly anything you need made
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