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Kilmore Powerchairs

Postby Tomkilmore » 14 Oct 2019, 18:21

Hi guys

I have four F55 Wheelchair frames from when I started the business, I was holding onto them in case anyone requested one specifically, however it seems this is not going to happen…So looking to organise and de-clutter. Would anybody be interested in a kit form/rolling chassis based on the BM3?

I can provide you with the Tubular frame, Battery box with motor mounts front caster forks and stainless bearings, with Front wheels/tires/tubes/ axles etc, Rear wheels/tyres and motor bosses, stainless shafts/rod ends (not footplate assy) and seat mounting brackets. Possibly some old, slow speed motors (spares or repair) so that it would actually be a rolling chassis.

This should give you a very good start if you are looking to build a BM TYPE chair on a budget, help and support would be included. I can provide this for £995 or £1295 acid stripped, blasted and powder coated. Delivery would be approx 12 week and is Not Included in the price.

Pm me if your interested. Please see our website www.the

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Re: Kilmore Powerchairs

Postby ICEUK » 25 Jan 2020, 18:57

U were offering some of your old f55, do you have a picture of what is on offer? Will the linux motors fit onto the motor mounts, will i be able to fit the fat wheels 120/70/8 on it i dont mind making hub adapter up. Will the overall size be 26 inches wide? What is the size of battery box?

Thx john
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Re: Kilmore Powerchairs

Postby Burgerman » 25 Jan 2020, 19:14

Linux and AMT are.
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