drive steering options

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drive steering options

Postby catatude » 24 Dec 2015, 18:42

having had a look around this fab site I have came up with more to think about.

If between whatever new chair I get and the design of car means that I cant comfortable control the break and gas peddles. what is my next options.

I already have push pull hand controls but due to my muscle condition only have been able to comfortably learn to use the push braking part as the pulling the gas forward take more effort and hurts my arm. and I rarely use the hand control brake when doing tight reverse manovers or backing into my drive.

what alternative is available for someone with poor muscle strength. I am worried that if my chair height or positioning isnt spot on I will encounter probs.
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Re: drive steering options

Postby motoman » 25 Dec 2015, 01:53

I've got EMC driving controls for gas and brake. They work well but very expensive. ... &Ver=0&W=M
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