Sirus VW Caddy Life 1.9DSG with spacedrive

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Sirus VW Caddy Life 1.9DSG with spacedrive

Postby smithy2389 » 14 Mar 2016, 11:06

I have an 11 plate 1.9 Caddy Life. I got it under motability and was made by sirus. It is an ICan (so I drive my wheelchair up to the front). The floor has been lowered and I get hydraulic suspension and automatic boot opening as standard. The controls were done by Auto Mobility Concepts using space drive and an IQ docking system. Connected with the space drive I have an elbow beeper system to operate indicators horn and flash/full beam. Mechanically I have had very little to go wrong with it in the 95,000 miles I've done baring a few switch issues and fuse blowing. I love the instant feel of the throttle and the damping of the brake is very helpful. I steer with a mini wheel which is very sensitive under 30mph and the dampens out a bit. It is easily controllable at all speeds up to 116mph (thats the vans top speed) and very stable. The van is perfectly chuckable but also easy to drive smoothly and precisely. I have had issues with the vans hydraulics when the pump is broken as one side doesn't raise which makes motorway driving difficult due to van pulling to the lowered side slightly however the controls seem able to cope with it. Another Issue is the steering damping only come into affect if the wheels are straight so if there is a long sweeping fast corner after a roundabout the car gets a bit frisky until I get to straighten the steering angle. This is the only car I have owned and driven but had a brief go in a VW transporter and hated it due to its size and lack of urgency in throttle and steering. So my next car will also be a Caddy (sadly 1.6 with 7 speed DSG) however the lack of seats is an issues so I have ordered two extra fold down ones.
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