Can you identify this bolt?

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Can you identify this bolt?

Postby Scooterman » 25 Apr 2017, 18:25

Hi, it's one of the front seat floorpan bolts. I want to buy a couple of longer bolts so I can tilt the driver's seat base back more, (more bucket) by adding a couple of spacers under the front of the seat rails.
NB: The longer bolts don't have to be 'star' bolts. I know it's M10 but don't know what the thread is? It's off a VW.
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Re: Can you identify this bolt?

Postby LROBBINS » 25 Apr 2017, 19:06

Ar you in Europe or the U.S.? If in the U.S., check the McMaster-Carr catalog, if in Europe, go to any decent hardware store. I can't tell from the pic that the diameter is actually M10, but if it is most any M10 bolt will do. Rarely is anything other than the standard, coarse metric thread used - M10 is a 1.5 turns per mm in coarse pitch. Other pitches do exist, fine is 1 mm per turn and there are others, but you will be hard pressed to find them on any common items. Measure the distance across 10 turns to be sure - it does look like 1.5 cm for 10 turns in your pic. Black steel bolts are usually class 8.8 (about equivalent to U.S. grade 5). The pointed end is just there to make assembly line insertion easier - you may want to do the same, but will lose some rust resistance (not great to begin with). VW like points, Renault likes a reduced diameter straight extension. A common A2 or A4 stainless bolt may not, however, be strong enough. Whether Torx or not, you may (or may not) have to find a shallow head cap screw to have clearance above the head - that will be the hard part if needed.
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Re: Can you identify this bolt?

Postby Burgerman » 26 Apr 2017, 13:07

Thats def 10 x 1.5 pitch. And almost every common (non japanese) 10mm bolt is.
The japs usually use 1.25mm pitch.
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