Caravelle rear lift Endurance Palfinger UFL or AMF Panorama

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Caravelle rear lift Endurance Palfinger UFL or AMF Panorama

Postby MadHatter » 10 Jun 2018, 15:56

Hi Guys, I'm throwing this out there in the hopes that someone may have some personal experience of the Palfinger Endurance under floor rear lift or the AMF Bruns Panorama on board lift. I am looking to replace our rear ramp Caddy with something bigger and more flexible. I have a severely disabled son who uses a Puma 40 power chair to get out and about to plenty of places that are not recommended for wheelchair users, but also he has a ton of kit to take with us when we go on holiday, including floor hoist, therapy bench, change bench etc etc. There are four of us in the family but we also need to be able to transport two grandparents on a fairly regular basis. Our current thinking is looking at a Caravelle with the tracking system giving us the flexibility of moving / removing seats to either accommodate people or luggage as necessary. It needs to be suitable as our daily driver and cope with any carpark and our home parking situation, which really means a rear entry for us.
I would very much appreciate any comments or feedback you have about the Palfinger under floor lift (leaves all the interior space free for people, luggage, but presumably is at risk from weather and road humps?) and the AMF Panorama in board lift (which seems well built & rattle free on a new demonstrator, but may not be long term and intrudes more). Having seen the AMF Bruns side entry UFL, I was thinking of removing the flip up side panels from the Palfinger to make ease of use & speed of unpacking that much quicker.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this and any thoughts you may have.
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Re: Caravelle rear lift Endurance Palfinger UFL or AMF Pano

Postby Dan » 11 Jun 2018, 22:34

Are you in the UK? I have a Caravelle with a cut floor ramp at the back. Surprisingly there is not much room left over after four people and a wheelchair. The head height on a non cut floor van is not great.

Here is a short wheel base one on Ebay. Maybe a LWB would be better. ... Sw~BhbEsPg
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Re: Caravelle rear lift Endurance Palfinger UFL or AMF Pano

Postby Burgerman » 12 Jun 2018, 11:22

If you want some headroom, and ride up front, GM coachwork make a bunch of proper lowered floor VW caravelles, and you might also import a van as I did from the US at an extremely favourable price. look around, various options.

Or import one to liverpool docks! ... &price=all
Watch the pound dollar rates. At the moment 50k dollars is 30k pounds.

Full lowered floor, plenty of space.
Heres mine - imported and left hand drive from new, now 11 years old...
Front seats are removable so you can opark a chair either side, or drive as I do from my chair.
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