Greetings from Western Australia

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Greetings from Western Australia

Postby zagam » 01 Oct 2018, 04:39

Studied electrical engineering, electronic communications. Made the mistake of showing students how to break VMS and it never ran again so I had to bring up MVT (which is a dark art) on the antique IBM kit.

Had my accident and then wrote (estimating, purchasing and job cost) software (in a week and integrated it with financials) for some horrid midframe.

Later designed manufacturing plants with lots of different kinds of electric motors. All using real computers and beer . Cyber (dead loaded), IBM (brought up MVT), DG, DEC (RSTS not VMS), assembler on micros and of course C on Unix.

Then back to IT again, but only using computers not PeeCees.

Not MeS-DoS or Wingdowse (WNT) PeeCees. banghead hanged :hammer

Being familiar with the Unix least surprise design I can use Unix or alike in any state:-
PeeCees can be fixed with Debian :joint , Gentoo :ugeek: , FreeBSD :twisted: , Solaris drunk2 , etc.

Know about Li-Ion charging and ironless permanent magnet and other motors. Know about computers, know how fix a PeeCee as described above.
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Re: Greetings from Western Australia

Postby Burgerman » 01 Oct 2018, 10:32

Not sure what language you are speaking, but windows works great. Been using it on many PCs for 20 years, some running 24/7 years on end, others as workstations, and others as laptops. Never had any problems, all work fine. So not sure what you are on, but they certainly do not need "fixing".
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Re: Greetings from Western Australia

Postby martin007 » 12 Nov 2018, 21:01

Welcome to the forum!
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