Hello from Leith

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Hello from Leith

Postby LindsayO » 08 Sep 2019, 21:12

Hi, I've been using a manual wheelchair for several years now, but due to worsening hand and arm strength, two fractured vertebrae, a recent stay in hospital due to back problems, I'm making the switch to a powerchair. I'm very nervous about being out and about in a powerchair. I've got loads of questions about my chair and how to improve it, but I'll start a topic over on Everything Powerchair for those, But just wanted to say hello here
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Re: Hello from Leith

Postby woodygb » 08 Sep 2019, 22:44

Welcome to the madhouse. :thumbup:
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Re: Hello from Leith

Postby steves1977uk » 11 Sep 2019, 22:48

Welcome aboard Lindsay! :thumbup:

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Re: Hello from Leith

Postby martin007 » 14 Oct 2019, 22:45

Welcome LindsayO! cheers
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