New user from Tennessee

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New user from Tennessee

Postby Cornbread » 23 Nov 2019, 01:41

Howdy, new to using a power chair, though have lurked reading the site/forum for a while. Just picked up a second hand big bounder h frame with tilt. Wanted to get a GRIT or Mountain Trike lever chair but after chatting with them (both really nice btw), it just wasn't meant to be, as neither makes a bariatric chair. And won't, at least anytime soon. In my current normal chair, I'm ok on flat even surfaces, if a little slow. But any obstacle or incline and I'm in for a long day. Especially if going any sort of distance. And it's to wide for a lot of doors. So I had to break down and get a power chair that would both carry me and fit through most doors. So far it's been an interesting experience. Already had a ramp van, and have for a long time, sort of passed along through the family. A GMC 1500 Savanah raised roof with a heavy duty lift and suspension. Why I needed it? Assorted health issues, the main ones being morbid obesity and needing both knees replaced. I can stand and move if I have to but it's really painful, pretty much bone on bone in my joints. And only for really short distances and only with a walker.
Hopefully if I have any issues with my power chair I can find help here or get pointed in the right direction.
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Re: New user from Tennessee

Postby martin007 » 27 Nov 2019, 00:51

Welcome Cornbread!
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