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Postby moonstroller » 23 Jan 2012, 17:29

Hi, The name is John Ray aka moonstroller.

I've gone from being severely disabled (but able to walk) since I was 19 years old. I was hit by a mortar round (Made in China, delivered courtesy of the republic of Vietnam), in 1971.

I'm 60 now and can't seem to get out of my Electric wheelchair very often anymore. I'm discovering how most companies think selling is far more important than maintenance of products sold, regardless of the abilities of the customer to maintain their own equipment. Every person for themselves I guess.

I have a Jazzy Select 14 and it crawls well. I have a grassy slope on both sides of my home (Canton, Georgia, USA) bent to about 22 degrees and it goes up and down very well, with minimal slipping, considering the wetness of the grass. I'm good with that.

The batteries only lasted 4 months before having to be replaced (replaced November 2011). I'll see how these two last. I have a bit of a ticking noise on the right side, that becomes pronounced when I'm moving back home from a small road trip in the neighborhood. I noticed there is more of a lean to the right on the trip back home. I'll have to look into that.

My current goal is to make the bottom part of the machine, remote controlled so I can connect it to my lawn mower and keep the grass cut. I think it can handle it if properly converted.

Good to be on-board.

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Re: Introduction

Postby Martin O Refurbisher » 31 Jan 2012, 06:57

Even poor batteries should last longer than 4 months - I suggest you read BMs notes on maintaining and charging batteries on the main site (there is very many pages on this), as even the best batteries, if not well maintained, are going to fail quickly, but 12 months should be the minimum, even if low grade sealed lead acid, used daily.

Do you charge them daily, (or run until flat before recharge?)
Do you leave the charger on after the "full-charge" light come on, (or disconnect immediately?)
Do you use a balanced charger?

If you answered Yes to all 3, then your regime is likely a good one. Any no s and there is the likely cause of your problems.


Martin O Refurbisher

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