G'day yes another cripple from Oz

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G'day yes another cripple from Oz

Postby Deauzie » 18 Jul 2012, 13:54

Hi Burgerman and crew

I'm another C5 Quad who has been total frustrated with powerchair manufacturers, pushy salesman and Occupational Therapists who have their favorite companies or chairs and will go out of their way to get their own way. my first chair 16 yrs ago was not my choice as I wanted the Quickie P200 but I got a monster that was to high to wide and parts fell off it more times then I can remember. I eventualy parked it and sat in a manual chair and went nowhere for almost 10 yrs until I got my Quickie but while it was smaller, faster and looked 101% cooler it was still to high and it's dam battery pack hung out the back like baboons big red ass.

I eventualy found a sheet metal worker who could follow my instructions to build a lowered seat pan that lowered my seat height by 3" at the front and 5" at the rear it slide between the frame of the chair so I added a narrow Roho cushion and from their I could sit under tables every where I went it blow the minds out of OT's and the Rehab Engineers, to think a cripple could think for themselfs.

I tried to bring the battery and rear wheel assembly forward by drilling new holes further forward which meant it lifted the wheels with ease but it was never short enough. As my arms started losing strength I needed a chair that could recline and had some real arm rested to support my arms and shoulders, but again I was rail roaded into a new centre powered chair, since then I've been widening doorways but my hallway is L shaped so you can imagine what it looks like.

I hope to be a regular to your board and read as much as I can as my last chair cost $22000aud and. As I'll Need a chin controlled chair that will cost a fortune compared to my last chair I need to get right as I have a Syrenix on my brain stem filling my spinalcord with fluid paralysing me further.

We still have one Aussie owned powerchair manufactuer in the country that has not been brought out by the big American companies and shutdown so hopefully they will build it to my specs. It's a crying shame you aren't in production with dealers down here as I know you and I are of the same mind set when it comes to our frustration with the commercialy available powerchairs.

Have you looked at the problem of reclining powerchairs as for some of us it's essential , once you add this option you loss 2-4" as your seat rises for the actuators .

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Re: G'day yes another cripple from Oz

Postby Burgerman » 18 Jul 2012, 14:01

No, its easy to add tilt, recline, and even a seat riser. But if you dont want smaller batteries (less Ah, less range), this also means moving to lithiums. Then you can have your do everything, low seat chair, and still have speed and range.
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