Gday, Also from Australia

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Gday, Also from Australia

Postby sirjohndfox » 31 Jul 2012, 14:51

I'm John, from Melbourne....
Got a pretty hardworn Blast 850.... Just recently had my shitty 8amp charger die. I have to thank BM for the clarity of his solution to use anderson connectors and a boat charger... the ProSport 20 is actually cheaper as well! Brilliant! Will it work ok with VRLA Gel Batteries?
Having the external battery connections will make busking alot easier, as I've been constantly recharging 18 AAs!

Did BM ever have a small petrol generator attached to a chair? I remember reading it years ago, but can't remember where......

Just a few more things... I have been through a few gearboxes but i eventually found someone who could machine me a few sets of sacrificial gears.... It's a lot cheaper than buying a new assembly each time...

I can't remember the exact model number of the Glide motors, but they work on a worm gear and get pretty close to 8.5mph, I'm just wondering how much of a candidate they would be, along with my Pilot+ 100A for a lithium conversion and extra speed?

Also, I've been thinking about upgrading... ... 53ee116e21
Any ideas :)

Anyway, this site is excellent, good work guys...
Looking forward to many more and much longer drives home from the pub,

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Re: Gday, Also from Australia

Postby Burgerman » 31 Jul 2012, 15:40

Hi, welcome.

Yes I did mess about with a generator/small batteries. But decided that lithium was the way to go.

As for charging gel with your boat charger then yes. They usually have several settings. Use the lowest volt one. Ideally gels want 14.1v max.

Lithium will not give better speed if you stick to the pilot plus controller. Its limited to 29.4 volts approx before it errors.

But it will give more range and longer lifespan.
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