Awsome Design

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Awsome Design

Postby Colink » 15 Oct 2012, 19:35

Hi John,
Your chair just blew me away. I have been searching the web for a respectable beach chair until I started to design one on Solid Works. I was looking for quad bike wheels and motors when I found your site.
This is just what I had in mind but your design and finnish have set the bar too high.
I am an electronics design eng, working on an oil rig off the West Australian coast flying ROVs.
Last year my friend/cousin became a quad when the car he was passenger in rolled on the way to his first sky dive.
I have been making fishing reels that use 12v motors on 36v for jag mode, and 24v for run mode.
The chair I am designing has variable track using air shocks. Starts at 660 then lowers and folds out to 980.
I was going to make it hybrid but after reading about your lithium it doesnt seem necessary. I am going to put in a compressor to raise and lower the suspension. It will also be used to charge the spud gun bait launcher for the fishing rod on the chair which is why we need to get down to the beach and have some fun. I dont know how he is going to steer this yet so sure could do with some help. I would like to send you a pdf for some feed-back. Cool chair buddy. Col Kerr
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Re: Awsome Design

Postby Burgerman » 15 Oct 2012, 20:48

Just email it.
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