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Hiya all.

Im unsure if anyone gives a hoot, but I will give you my story to introduce myself, and here goes :-

My name is Damion Jones, I live in sunny Wales where it is a scorching 3 degrees outside, so whoot, T-Shirts only incase we burn up!!! LOL

But in December of 2012, I had an arguement with a bin wagon. I seem to have lost hat fight, and with it, much of my mobility.

I can walk, but very slowly, and I need 2 crutches, and thjis is hard because I have one buggered arm too!

I broke my back in 4 places, luckily the spinal chord was not severed, however with the bone rebuilding itself, it has now crushed it and I get bad pins and needless below my knees.
My pelvis was broken in 2 ways, one was open book, and bugger know the other word used? )
My right femur was very much destroyed, right inside the knuckle of the joint, were 3 fractures, just above the knee was a further 2, and down teh shaft were 4 more breaks, 3 in a clump. it is now May 2015 so 2 and a half years later, and I am still undergoing many operations, I have multiple non-union breaks in my femur and I do have a nail through the shaft, however during a previous operation, they tried to change the nail for a larger more one, however the pin near the knee broke and that is no longer going through the nail, they then tried to give me a bone graft, with bone from my knee, however, my body rejected it ( My own bone? Hows that for rejection? ) and I had developed a bone infection and this led to my muscle becoming infected and I have had to have a chunk of muscle removed now, and thats made me even weaker.
I also broke my left shoulder and forearm, and multiple breaks on my hand. My hand is now bent up a bit and I can no longer clench a fist of fully open it, the forearm was pinned up and I have 3 scars along my forearm positioned so that you can actually see 2 scars at any one time from looking from any direction. My left arm now does not work as well as it should or could and I am left handed ( BooHoo )
My right arm iwas broken, as were 3 fingers, however, apart from being able to feel the lumps where I had the breaks, I do not suffer from them. My right arm is fully better and back to normal.
I also broke every single rib. I was told afterwards, that the guy who kept me alive with his first aid, puked up several times while he was giving me CPR because my sternum was crunching on my ribs LOL
I als obroke my skull and jaw on the right hand side and I have lost most of my teeth on that side, but thankfully I have managed to keep my utterly stunning good looks, but I hate to smile. I will get my teeth fixed when I can afford it. the friggin doctor wants £2000 per tooth so I thought stuff that! - I will wait until I go back to Turkey. I will get the lot done for that.
Thats it for the breaks.

Internally, I was even worse... No seriously I was well mushed up.

My left lung was severed in half, and the right lung had 3 ribs stuck into it. Somehow I dont think my inhaler would help that much.
My Liver was sliced in two also
Both Kidneys were crushed, the left one was ruptured. I was on dialasys for many many months, however I started to recover and they weaned me off it. I am now fully free of that, but Ido have to go for checkups now and then to make sure.
my spleen was also crushed
And finally my pancreas was dammaged, and more annoying than anything, this has made me int oa diabetic. Oh joy. I am clinging on to life as it is, and so no, bugger it, the git can have diabetes too eh?

Mentally, I am ok, however, I now have Dysexecutive Syndrome and this seems to make me talk like a champion and I am sort of uninhibited in what I say, so I often put my foot into it when I should STFU... For example, if I am talking to a nice pretty girl, I will often come out with "bloody hell youre gorgeous" or worse when I am only thinking it, I often say it... Lots of slaps but lots of lols too! I have of course uysed this as a great excuse too, to see how far I can push it, but life is boring so I dont care.

I know this all sounds far fetched, but I promise you it is not.

I was run over by a bin wagon and my family was told that I will not survive the night, but I somehow did. I went through a 14 hour operation to stabilize me in Glan Clwyd Hospital, then once I was stable, they shipped me to stoke on trent hospital. They told my family that I would not survive the week, and that they could stay over at the hospital. There was a place that they could hire for a few quid, however, my mother rented a house a mile or two away and that way, my family and parents as well as a few others could get to me in minutes when the worst did happen, but, like a stubborn git, I didnt die... How inconveinient for my mom, who was paying £250 a week for this house LOL.

I was brought out of my coma after a few months and I was sick as a dog. unable to drink because of my kidneys. the only way I could have any moisture was a damp cotton bud tp wipe the inside of my mouth... Argh, that was hell. Pipes coming out of my throat, feeding me by tube, being unable to talk and then after a few weeks of this, they would not let me leave all-staffs hospital until I was able to cough enough to bring up some phlegm and this was not easy at all let me tell you. It took me days and days. IK was on a pump that was doing all my breathing for me.... It was a living hell.
I rember when they started to take me off it, I felt like I was suffocating, and I had to go back to it even though I did not want to, I could not breathe after a few seconds I was that weak. and then when they fitted me with this weird thing that let me talk... WOW that was a great feeling... I sort of sounded like Stephen Hawking in a weird way.

Ok, Iam waffling far too much now... I bet no one reads this far anyway, but hey ho, I am crying my tits off now because it has brought back lots of memories but I suppose its good to get things off my chest even if I am only talking to myself.

Anyway, thats me and thats why I am now in a wheelchair.... Oh yeah... I left that bit out didnt I?

By the way... Im in a wheelchair ok! - Now I didnt.
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Re: Introduction

Postby LROBBINS » 15 May 2015, 08:21

Welcome aboard. Glad to meet someone who approaches the sh-t that life sometimes dishes out with such good humor. Ciao, Lenny
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