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Postby Wriggled » 24 Sep 2015, 01:13

Slainte peeps

I darken your inter web door after my thumb had a fight with a chopsaw. Needless to saw it lost! So I cant push my normal everyday day chair and I'm fed up with staring at the walls.

To be honest I've been tempted by a powerchair so I can take our big dogs for a walk on my own

Myself and the other half are both pretty handy (cad, design, ergonomics, welding blah blah blah) so we are talking about building something a bit mad max before finding this site which has saved a BUCKET load of research.

So that's a big Thank You

Wriggled ( should have been wriggley but stoopid iPad autocorrected it and I didn't notice till it was too late)
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