Hello there from Bribie Island, Queensland - Auatralia

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Hello there from Bribie Island, Queensland - Auatralia

Postby Fatenhappy » 15 Nov 2015, 14:01

Its lovely to see such a myriad of international locations of peoples from all around the world, on this forum.

As a brief intro I suppose ..... unlike some of you, I am a more recent lower limb amputee (below left knee) so am a babe in the woods as it were to a great bunch of things regards mobility aids, wheel chairs etc.

One thing I have already taken on board however, is that its more than obvious that in the majority of cases the designers of a lot of the aids that are about have most probably never had anything to do with actually being physically impaired or actually sitting for a prolonged period, if any in of them.

As a past engineer, fortunately or otherwise, I have a really inquisitive perspective on things generally.

What I am looking for I suppose, is to gain a better insight into things generally. Learn a whole lot more of the "why" vs the "why not" re mobility aids and chairs in particular.

GregS :D :D :D
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