entering the world of driving from chair

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entering the world of driving from chair

Postby catatude » 24 Dec 2015, 14:18

hi folks

from scotland and have Muscular Dystrophy. can no longer walk to back of car and wait for hoist to lift scooter out so need to fix the situation coz not getting out solo is doing my head in and am spending a fortune on wheelchair access taxis. (when I can get one)

Was at NHS wheelchair services the other day and the are offering a salsa chair or and invacare tdx. (which I need to self fund the riser etc)

Looking for any advice on either chair pros cons with respect of using either to use in a drive from car.

Car__ really struggling to get info or demos of cars. companies wont entertain till the motability deposits in there hand and motability wont talk to me till I have the chair. but bit nervess as I could pick a chair that is wrong for any car.

So would love to talk to anyone that has a internal transfer or a drive from vehicle.

I have a pref for Ford but can find a drive from version. so I think my options will be the VW caddy or the sharon. would also like to continue using my legs as with my condition if I stop doing an activity it will go. Does anyone use their legs while driving from wheelchair and what extra adaptations ie floor build up is needed.

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Re: entering the world of driving from chair

Postby Mark » 03 Jan 2016, 13:52

I drive from my wheelchair, but can't claim to have got everything right. I was getting worn out standing while my hoist lifted my power chair into thee back of my Ford Galaxy (Super brand and car in my opinion), and I could only "walk" to the driver's seat if I had my callipers on. Even then it was difficult hanging onto the roof with my fingers, so I went the drive from wheelchair (DFW) route. I bought an old Renault DFW s/h from a dealer to try after negotiating with him to buy it back after a month or so. Used a couple of chairs with it including F55. Seemed OK so I bought a newer s/h Sirus Swich so either I or my wife could drive. Still use this but sadly Sally has lost her licence as she is going blind and now uses a white cane, so didn't really get the benefit of being able to switch from side to side.
It's very difficult to give any advice because we all have different needs, but feel free to give me a ring if there is anything you want to know about my experiences with DFW vehicles. Will send a private message with my contact details.
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