Odd all terrain access

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Odd all terrain access

Postby PonyAccess » 27 Mar 2016, 22:16

I build wheelchair enabled, all terrain vehicles. I like to get the confession in early so I am not accused of trying to sell. I am genuinely interested in a site that looks at the engineering issues.
My vehicles have pony power. One pony, say 1/3rd of a horsepower. And they go everywhere. Indoors they aren't so good if it is you who has to clean the carpet.
My vehicles have just made the South Downs Way in England, the first inclusive national trail. https://www.southdowns.gov.uk/south-downs-way-becomes-first-fully-inclusive-national-trail/
I drive up and down Dartmoor Tors for fun in a wheelchair, but the real function is to take people to places they can't otherwise access. It is access first, pony a long way second.
I would be interested in your comments. The one thing an able bodied inventor can't do, is know what people the people who use the product really want. This gives me a chance of feedback.
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Re: Odd all terrain access

Postby Burgerman » 27 Mar 2016, 23:37

Not my kind of thing but certainly different.


That might scare people less...
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Re: Odd all terrain access

Postby rollingcowboy » 29 Mar 2016, 07:27

that looks like it could be fun!
years ago I spent a weekend at a handicapped fishing event in the mountains where I met a guy that had trained his dog to pull him while in a manual chair.
this was not an ordinary guy - or dog!
he was a high para - I would guess t6 - and he was well muscled.
the dog was a rot/dob mix and probably 100 lbs
the guy had a harness for the dog and he would hang onto the harness with one arm and off they would go with the dog about 2 feet in front and him in a wheelie.
he would go about 10 mph on the dirt road.
I was down by the river, having climbed down on my crutches and he came down a 20 deg or so slope with the dog holding him back!
when he left - after bragging loudly - he went up stream a little ways where there was a bank aprox 8 or 10 inches high and then a steep grass slope - est. 30 deg - up to the road.
the dog jumped up the bank - waited for his master to get his balance in an extreme wheelie - and then then they both groaned under the effort and the dog pulled them up to the road.
it was very impressive!
I had never seen him before and never since. he said he was just passing through and had heard about the event so he joined us.
he had a full size ford van and pulled a small camper trailer behind. he had chopped the back of the trailer off and had a big ramp that folded down via rope and pulley.
he was quite a wild character.
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