Hello from California

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Hello from California

Postby RocketMan » 06 Apr 2016, 19:08

Just getting setup... My 11 year old sun has CP and is about to get his first wheelchair. Settled on the Amy Alltrack R for him after reading here vs what were available to us. After we get it... I may mod his to LiPo batteries at some point. Also looking into possibly picking up a used chair to mod into a light weight chair that I can pick up and put in the back of our honda pilot.

Lipo batteries... folding top.. make it as light as possible. Will figure it out in the coming months based on my reading here and seeing what I can find as a base to start with.

Oh.. and here is the reason for the name...
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Re: Hello from California

Postby Burgerman » 06 Apr 2016, 20:38

Trust me, you dont want lipo. Or your son may go like that rocket. Lithium polymer is dangerous and typically 100 to 150 cycles.

LiFe or LiFePO4 is safe, 2000 cycles or more. He should do OK with that chair as soon as its programmed properly.

Rockets. Fun. You live in the right place!
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