introduce myself papagray

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introduce myself papagray

Postby papagray » 07 May 2016, 16:11

hi folks my name is papagray, I was one of the lucky ones I got polio at the age of 8months complex polio both bulbar and spinal, I grew up with calipers but learned to loose them (over the church wall) as kids were cruel (I was born 1957) and being bullied and called spastic I got rid of them and learned to walk I had my feet broken as I developed crows feet and that was the last help I got aged 9 , I walked and pushed myself, until 1989 when I got ME, overworking the cause 16 hour days getting the railways freight running over two weeks after the com server failed at dollands moor, since then I was retired health and safety, after I was diagnosed after hundreds of tests having CFS, (post-polio was unheard of) did something silly after that saw no future I liked to work. I did everything stacking shelves, bodyguard, caretaker anything until the illness showed up then it was a new job, I ended up being a sheltered housing manager and after nursing an elderly person with pneumonia I got pneumonia at first it was sus as a heart attack, after that downhill, I could not even remember a telephone conversation after I hung up they tried to keep me but I was retired on ill health, after that I got the ops I should have had many years ago, Achilles tendons cut both legs, jones transfers both feet , cervical c5/6 fusion, right eye partial closed, and now I need a wheelchair to get around, so that's me 59 this year just claimed for pip from dla so fingers crossed,cannot work interested if anyone has come up with lights to fit to a wheelchair, I have an electra powerchair cost us 850, took us two years to get an nhs one but put ourselves in debt changing car to a Peugeot 5008 only car we liked to fit a hoist in has dual heating in front so I can have temp turned up, as I really feel the cold in my legs seems I have temp problems, dropping things and poss sleep apnoea, so I need something simple as I have a loss of peripheral vision on my right due to eye partial stitched close so cannot see them have a basic system on the chair i'm not rich we do struggle ran up loads of debts going to warm places for my legs did train in engineering but memory is shit has taken a while but I do waffle on
that's me.. some other things too personal to talk about but then ive got ptsd as well now!
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Re: introduce myself papagray

Postby Burgerman » 07 May 2016, 21:09

Does anything work properly?

You will get DLA / PIP etc by the sounds of it. Genuin cases = no real problems usually.

And lights on ANYTHING is easy simple and cheap!
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