Hi From Shropshire

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Hi From Shropshire

Postby Lleksam » 08 May 2016, 13:37

Hi All

My name is Steve Maskell, I live in a small Village on Shropshire, Wales borders

My Mobility is not that good and getting worse, Arthritis and a industrial accident some 14 years ago

Im a 60 yr old Semi retired engineer, and am looking to build a "mobility scooter" im ok indoors but outdoors walking far is painfull and slow i dislike any of the current offerings I can afford so have decided to design and make one myself, one with a off road capability so i can still fly my helis and go find them when i crash them, take dogs for walk, etc I have a Mitsubishi Delica, a 2wd one that I (with the help of few friends) have adapted for my wants and needs, first up was a 4ltr Lexus V8, then lowered a bit to make it easier for me to get in and out of, so I have more than enough room to carry what i need. im thinking of a 2 or / and 4wd something with 14/162 wheels and possibly hub motors, have run across a few i do like but enjoy the challenge of making my own helps to keep mind and body active

Thank you for reading this far

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Re: Hi From Shropshire

Postby Burgerman » 08 May 2016, 14:06

so i can still fly my helis and go find them when i crash them

I resemble that remark!
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