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Postby Sleepy » 13 Aug 2016, 19:30

Hi. I'm a newbie here.

I'm also not very knowledgeable about this kind of thing - and it's hard for me to learn because of some of my disabilities affecting my brain as well as physically. My brain does work ok sometimes, but concentration and memory are big issues for me at the moment. Many of you guys seem to have way more knowledge than me.

I hope you can explain stuff as though you were explaining to your aged grandmother. Keep it simple. Thanks

I'm extremely interested in the E throne. I'm almost housebound, only get out about once a month, can't sit upright, tire very quickly, and other stuff. The E throne is the first electric wheelchair that looks like it could give me some freedom. But I gather from the posts I've found in this group that there's an issue with the batteries??? You talk way over my head.

Can someone tell me simply what the problems are, or the things they suspect might be problematic? I wouldn't be using it often, or travelling far.

Will airlines let me take it on flights?

the advantages I see - it reclines; it's lightweight; it folds really easily; it unfolds really easily; b it's electric (should call it a power chair?); anything else???

The disadvantages I see - it doesn't have a headrest - I assume I can buy one?; the footrests don't elevate, but I think I can do without that; price (although that's not bad compared to the big reclining power chairs); this group seems to have misgivings about the batteries; anything else???

Thanks for your patience and advice. Ive already had a response from Burgerman (I posted my intro in the wrong place, but he was kind enough to respond)

I tried to add a couple of photos of me in my manual reclining wheelchair, but the files are to big. If I can find out how to sort that problem then o will add the pics.
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