Hello everyone, from the Midlands.

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Hello everyone, from the Midlands.

Postby Positive_Bunny » 18 Aug 2017, 13:55

Hello and I hope this message finds you all in fine fettle.
My name is David. Wow what a site of resources and burgerman's chair engineering is amazing. I have read your discussions for some time and have been impressed with the "can do" attitude and resistance to having our lives dictated by the lazy mobility companies. I have a neurological condition and use a Salsa M wheelchair for confined spaces. A Minicrosser M2 which promised "off road" comfort and freedom so that I could take part in my boys life, rugby, running, the long school run twice a day and walking the dog. Which it did, unfortunately the "helpful" dealer has serviced the Minicrosser and left it an programming nightmare state rendering it so sluggish that crossing a road is a matter of twisting the throttle before the car passes so that it's moving when it is clear. Also removed the tilt indicator (handy for when your tackling slopes" and thermometer (handy for managing my condition) from the tiller screen and replaced it with "shop tele and address". When I talk to them "It's company policy" meanwhile my old backup Pride Executive out performs in all area's except comfort and "off road" capability. This leaves me unable to use the scooter. I have made the decision to look after my own kit from now on. I can't keep feeding cash to the scooter shop to get zero results. The Minicrosser wiped out the families savings, how they get away with it I don't know, but I am breaking the bonds and reaching for independence.

Sorry that was a little bit of a ramble, I look forward to talking to you all.

Cheers David.
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Re: Hello everyone, from the Midlands.

Postby woodygb » 19 Aug 2017, 09:54

Hi David,

The "Midlands" is a bit vague ...please narrow your location down to a nearby town.

Question ....Is the Minicrosser OWNED by you?

Cheers Woody
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