Hi I'm Dawn

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Hi I'm Dawn

Postby MEdawn » 07 Feb 2018, 20:33

I have ME/chronic fatigue and am also a chronic asthmatic which can interplay with the ME and not in a nice way. I live on my own in Bradford in sunny Yorkshire (well it was today and I really wanted to get out and about and couldn't).

I've been long term ill now for around 15 years and have been increasingly using a self propelled wheelchair while out or hiring a scooter etc. But I'm struggling to propel now for more than 50-100 metres and have been talking about getting a powerchair at some point for a while. My daughter-in-law is a primary teacher so can be a little forceful and she told me firmly a couple of days ago that I need to stop talking about it and actually DO something. So I'm starting to look into what I actually need and what is practical plus of course what I can afford (I'd rather save the motability for a possible new vehicle).

I want something I can use both indoors and out (taking grandson to the playground, into the local village, on the wheelchair path in the local woods etc) as well as being able to easily fit it on a train. At the moment I have a Vauxhall Meriva so the plan would be to use this just locally and in a couple of years look at changing my car to something like a Peugeot Tepee with either a hoist or a ramp as appropriate so I can then drive places with it as well.

I know I'm in a very different category to a lot of people on here as I'm going to be very much a part time user, but I do still need to have a reasonable range and outdoor capability. I go to a fairly big folk festival most years which can get pretty muddy and it would be good to have something that can cope with that too (charging facilities are available).

Anyone else in a similar situation please? Or suggestions for no frills (don't need fancy seating or leg stuff etc) but good ones.

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Re: Hi I'm Dawn

Postby Burgerman » 12 Feb 2018, 13:49

If a powerchair rather than scooter is important and muddy feilds are in your future you really need a magic mobility V6 or V4 like these. Because nothing else will do what you want that I can think of. But you wont like the price.

http://allterrainwheelchairs.co.uk/chai ... heelchair/

And they are very scarce because of that. And that means a used one is all but impossible to find. And they are hard to transport without a adapted vehicle.
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