Hi from Oregon

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Hi from Oregon

Postby keydoc001 » 29 Nov 2018, 13:51

Hello my name is Ken Cox. I've have been visiting this site since the bm1 was being built. I really have enjoyed watching the progression of your chair. Sure wish f55 was available in the US I really like the way it looks kinda like a hot rod looking chair. I have Charco Marie Tooth (cmt for short). It affects the nerves ability to send its signals to the outer extremities. I'm 64 now and standing has become very painful so I use a chair all the time. I have been through 5 different chairs over the years and they all were really limited in how they worked and handled. i have been trying to come up with a chair I can modify like the bm3 but finding a frame with the same stylish design as the f55 is difficult to find. I have a invacare Torque 6 that is rear wheel drive that I'm thinking of building time will tell on that. Just need to figure out a way to get the wheels under the seat frame like the f55.

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