Trackball mouse causing PC to freeze

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Trackball mouse causing PC to freeze

Postby greybeard » 22 Feb 2021, 21:20

My Logitech M570 Trackman Wireless Trackball Mouse invariably causes my HD light to come on and stay on for up to a minute or so, locking up the PC so I can't do anything. I can only resume typing, or whatever, when the HD light goes out. Once this has happened for the first time in each session, simply moving the trackball locks everything up again for varying amounts of time. It's getting bloody irritating and I hope someone can give me advice on what I can do to stop this.

I also have a logitec wireless keyboard with a track pad that shares the USB transmitter/receiver with the mouse. Deleting this trackpad in Device Manager does not cure the problem. Neither does deleting and re-installing the trackball mouse. Drivers are up to date. The PC is using W10 Long term service (whatever) as recommended by BM.

Any ideas, please?
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Re: Trackball mouse causing PC to freeze

Postby steves1977uk » 22 Feb 2021, 23:34

Is this a desktop PC or laptop? Try a different USB port if you can. If you have a wired mouse/trackball, use that to uninstall the Logitech M570 drivers/software and reinstall it after a reboot.

Also here's the latest software for the M570... ... kball-M570

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Re: Trackball mouse causing PC to freeze

Postby Burgerman » 23 Feb 2021, 11:55

Logitech stuff has a habit of these sorts of issues. I got rid of a keyboard for a similar reason. And the early ergonomic mouse did a similar trick. After a year or two they fixed it.

Try deleting all the hidden com port/usb stuff in file damager... And then deleting the mouse last... And reboot - you wont have a mouse.

It will likely find a non conflicting com port setup on reboot.

Configure all the USB ports to NOT do any power saving! No suspending USB no sleeping USB etc. In device manager and in power saving in advanced...
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Re: Trackball mouse causing PC to freeze

Postby martin007 » 23 Feb 2021, 19:33

Buy a wired mouse.
I use a HyperX mouse and it's quality.

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