Modifying walking frame

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Modifying walking frame

Postby Es* » 11 Nov 2012, 13:30

Hi all,

I mostly use a powerchair, but can use a walker with 'forearm troughs/gutters' a bit. I used to have a walker that was great, but it's past repair and now no one makes anything similar. So, I'm looking at modifying something existing. Basically, I want a reverse forearm walker (something like, or or various other types) with four swivel wheels and brakes. This means I can go sideways etc, rather than having a turning circle like a bus (much, much, bigger than decent wheelchairs, because the footprint needs to large, and almost all of them have two straight wheels and only two swivel). There are some that are available with four swivel wheels (R82 mustang, for example) but none are operable by the user - they're designed for parents or carers or somesuch, not active disabled people who want to stick the brakes on so they can lean on the walker which doing something with their hands, for instance. So, the options are either to modify a walker which has four swivel wheels, to have brakes for the user (probably lever operated bike style ones), or to modify one with two swivel wheels to have four. Any recommendations/thoughts? I was thinking that using a BMX bike detangler/gyro should mean I could make a mechanism where the brakes worked on a rotating wheel but without the cables getting tangled? Not entirely sure how to go about it, though I have some thoughts on it... but it must be possible. So fed up with the rubbish products that do half a job.
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