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Postby Burgerman » 02 Aug 2018, 02:52

Shaun has gone mad. About 3 months ago for reasons only he knows he started coming out twice a day instead of one. And for 2 hours instead of 40 mins, and late at night. I dont know what happened in his brain/programming. But it works.

He cuts tiny amounts each time. So its mulched and feeds the grass. Which has grown really really green and very dense like a carpet. Its kind or springy. And way more density than ever before with no chance of any gaps between blades. Its literally like a dense springy pile. Which is all the more amazing when you consider its been 3 months since we had any rain worth talking about and up till 3 days ago we had no rain for 2 months. Grass in parks is dead or yellow. This was watered with a hose for 20 mins weekly.
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