SSC - What do you reckon, will it hit 1000mph?

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Re: SSC - What do you reckon, will it hit 1000mph?

Postby Lord Chatterley » 10 Jul 2019, 20:26

Thanks for that - brings back many happy memories of the 70's when to be young meant to be free.

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Re: SSC - What do you reckon, will it hit 1000mph?

Postby Burgerman » 10 Jul 2019, 21:46

I know. I do not get the modern youth. Even 25 year olds. They simply dont understand. More interest in burying themselves in a mobile phone. They think thats life.

You might have noticed from reading that, we were really just doing a 4000 mile pub crawl. Even if it included the iron curtain, spanish beach tottie, and 101 other experiences. Even gliding clubs and free beer. I was hungover or ill every day.

But that old style 1100 was good for 145/150 mph stock with just an exhaust that broke windows, although mine had bigger bore, bigger valves, 1.6mm skimmed from the head to increase compression, flat slide carbs, and no air filter, and rejetted on the dyno. It had around 25% more power than stock, and was good for an easy 155 mph anywhere - even up a mountain. And was actually geard for 180mph with an extra 100 hp on tap as needed from the nitrous. Didnt look much but faster than anything on the road in the 80s. And perfectly legally in germany. But I was restricted much of the time by a daft rebuilt rusty 250cc two stroke rattly yamaha... I kept hanging back, so I could go past at max speed and blow his ears in all over europe. I love to come past him, when on a quiet road at 150 plus just to upset him. He got a proper bike the following year.

The next time we went, I was on something really fast (think turbo boosted fat tyred etc 1100cc that could leave 1/4 mile long black lines down motorways or wheelie off the power at 140mph plus at will - completely mental and wildly overpowered for the street), he was on a VFR 750, so was OK for 150 to 155mph and a little extra on the long downhill sections across spanish plains.

Basically a race every day from one pub/part of europe to the next the following day. We even went to hamburg for a frankfurter and frankfurt for a hamburger for random amusement. Got involved in a fight with the nazis in a pub near the swiss border. Also did greece, the former yugoslave republic, turkey, syria, iraq, etc on a different trip. All marvelously educational, and wildly different in the days befor the internet or fancy phones. All very 3rd world with no proper roads when we went. Turkey, Syria, iraq was actually in a turkish hire car. We couldnt have got enough fuel on 2 wheels to cover the distances between fuel stations. These places were desolate, unpaved, and massive/empty of civilisation. At least in those days.
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