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Postby Burgerman » 07 Apr 2019, 22:41

Asia Bibi is the very last word in refugees.

If you're a leftie, she ticks an impressive number of victimhood boxes. After all Asia is poor, brown, a woman and she's from an oppressed religious minority.

If you're on the right, the issue is a bit more complicated as you'll actually be interested in Asia Bibi the person and the individual merits of her case.

Here's the potted version for right-thinking people.

Asia Bibi is from the only Christian family in her village in Pakistan ('Land of the Pure' in Urdu) so she's been oppressed from birth by neighbours who despise her religion and all its adherents.

Bibi was accused of blasphemy against Mohammed in 2009 which carries the death penalty in the land of the pure.

Bibi was beaten and very nearly lynched by her Muslim neighbours led by the local mullahs.

Later Asia was found guilty in court on hearsay evidence alone and sentenced to death.

For the last eight years Asia has been on death row and kept in solitary confinement because of the attacks she has suffered.

At this point it's worth remembering that Bibi could have avoided all of this suffering if she had simply renounced her faith as so many others have, but Asia Bibi is clearly a woman of almost supernatural courage (or stubbornness).

Remarkably, three very brave Pakistani Supreme Court judges overturned the verdict against Bibi last month dubbing the testimony of her accusers as a ‘concoction incarnate’ and ordered her freed.

In response to this good sense from the Supreme Court, Pakistan errupted. Tens of thousands of devout Muslims took to the streets in outrage to demand death for Bibi (and the judges!). And just to make doubly sure of getting their point across they also trashed the country causing around £900 million of damage.

Pakistan's PM Imram Khan got the message and blocked Asia's release pending a review of the verdict.

Now apparently mullahs and their psycho followers are going 'house to house' in search of Bibi to impose Islamic justice.

And that is more or less a right-winger's view of Bibi's case for asylum. No one living has suffered more oppression or has responded to it with greater resolution and courage.

If we can't or won't offer asylum to someone like Asia Bibi, why would we offer it to anybody?

As I said Asia Bibi is the very last word in refugees. Quite frankly you'd have to be a heartless monster not to see the merit in granting this brave woman immediate protection.

And Britain is not entirely powerless either.

We might, for example, assure Pakistan in the most diplomatic of language that we would be unable to continue bankrolling the land of the pure to the tune of around half a billion pounds a year unless they produced Asia Bibi forthwith and gave assurances about the treatment of their religious minorities in the future.

What's to lose?

If they stand on their dignity, we're half a billion to the good.

And by the way, what the hell are we funding this insane nuclear power for anyhow?

But apparently Theresa May blocked an offer of asylum.

Various reasons were leaked out.

One that Foreign Office officials advised against offering asylum because they thought it would put British personnel in Pakistan in danger from the locals.

And other sage counsels argued that Britain's own Muslim population would get restive.

But these are merely pretexts.

Theresa May nixed asylum for Bibi because basically she agrees with the Islamo-fascist looney tunes in Pakistan that criticising Islam is wrong.

After all we also imprison people in Britain for the same crime that Asia Bibi supposedly committed. We call it 'hate-speech' or 'Islamophobia' but essentially it's the same thing. Those are merely euphemisms for blasphemy against Islam.

So we can't have Asia Bibi coming here. After all she might go on TV and say something true against Islam. Not beyond the bounds of possibility given what she's suffered at the hands of Muslims.

Then we'd have to jail her like we did Tommy Robinson, Kevin Crehan, and dozens of others.

And quite frankly, that would be embarrassing to say the least. Saving Asia Bibi from the Pakistani mob only to bang her up ourselves.

So I expect our oh so liberal leader is hoping that the problem sorts itself out. That Bibi's heart gives out or there is an unfortunate lapse in security that puts her out of our misery.

There appears to be no bottom to Britain's decline into moral degeneracy.
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Re: Refugee

Postby Gnomatic » 08 Apr 2019, 02:06

Tolerance of intolerance is one of the least progressive, or even regressive aspects of today's so called "progressives." A real feminist is someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Yet today's "feminism" has gone full SJW and abandoned people like Asia Bibi. And its tragic.
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Re: Refugee

Postby martin007 » 08 Apr 2019, 22:18

Society is degenerated into a multitude of aspects.
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