Italian health care system

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Italian health care system

Postby LROBBINS » 14 May 2019, 08:46

Aside from my friend's stupid "wait till tomorrow to go to the doctor's office" instead of calling 118, here's a telling story about our national health system.
The national health here does have serious flaws - far worse in some parts of the country than others, long waits for elective procedures and diagnostic tests, and a really stupid one-size-fits-all attitude about durable medical equipment (which can be fought and won in the same way Burgerman has done with WCS in the U.K. or I've done with Blue Cross in the U.S., but it's a draining and wasteful process). Nevertheless, it works and in general is equitable - you get good care whether rich or poor.

P.S. The "bill" Roger got was as "high" as it was only because he has substantial income. It's an income-adjusted co-pay.
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Re: Italian health care system

Postby Burgerman » 14 May 2019, 09:06

In the end all medical care gets paid for from taxes or from insurance, or privately funded.

What matters is how efficiently they treat people per dollar overall spend Per person. And since levels of treatment, what is actually covered, wait times, and accessibility vary to extreme levels, its all but impossible to compare.

The US and the UK are no 1, and 2 in wealth "inequality" in the world. But also 2 of the richest with the strongest economies and living standards, and that includes the poor. Cause by capitalism or rather free trade with low gov interference. The NHS offeres the same (low and slow) treatment level for all no matter income. And its super inneficient. Which basically means business and high earners pay most of the bill. Same as in italy. And I disagree with than. I do not see why those that make good life choices or those that invest in their own future, or those that work harder, or that start businesses and so employ others and grow the GDP pie, should have to pay more to recieve the same product or services. So I prefer the private health care and insurance model. But not a corrupt and massively legislated and badly controlled one which predictably causes all the problems seen in the US. And distorted costs. Theres a reason why anyone with any complex or serious issues or that can wait no longer in the UK, usually goes to the US to get better faster treatment. Or treatment that is deemed non economic and unavailable here altogether.
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