Theres a lot going on here

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Theres a lot going on here

Postby Burgerman » 18 Oct 2019, 09:24

Rain, van is connected via an anderson connector inside the wheelarche, to a wire that goes 40 feet into my bedroom through the wall. Its connected to a 13.3V DC supply over the winter to maintain its battery at long term float voltage. Best for battery and keeps it at 100% charged because its 50 watt rooftop solar panel/system is no longer keeping up. Low sun, short days, dull and cloudy. So from mid oct, +nov, +dec, and till end of january, it stays connected.

And theres an out of date pork pie, thrown on the ground in front of my van. The white blob! Which foxes really like... I throw any out of date food here. And its gone within 30 mins usually. And the camera is seeing via infra red (its dark!), so the fox eyes glow white. And unlike myself, the fox can SEE the infra red LEDs on the camera, and is looking up at them.

Also note that the lower two rows of house bricks appear much darker here in infra red cameras view. They are not darker to my eye. They are exactly the same colour as the rest of the house. The seem darker on screen, which actually shows that these 2 rows are COLDER! Why? Because they are damp. The slate damp proof course (layer) is in between the darker bricks and the rest of the (dry) house. Shows that the damp proofing slate layer works very well!
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