Storm 3tt review

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Storm 3tt review

Postby smithy2389 » 14 Mar 2016, 21:09

I had my Storm 3tt for 4 years 2004-2008. I used a caps two seating system which I had with a spectra Plus. My chair had
[*]brushless motors
[*]AC controller
[*]73amp/h batteries
[*]12km/h top speed
[*]caps 2 interface board.
I had since customised my chair with squarer grey tires rather then the slick tires to improve grip
First thoughts was the weird responsiveness of the true-track system and the way it accelerated even though together we were 200kg. Ride is firm but supple and it feels very stable. Stopping and turning was to be kind sluggish! Rapid changes in direction are impossible unless im tilted back. There is an unnerving shudder when I try to turn hard from full speed. In tight spaces driving is an art lots of wide angles! Great outdoors but grinds out on very uneven ground due to low arse.

I had a major incident when coming home from Czech republic where baggage handlers dropped it and destroyed it.£1500 damage. After only 6 months but it was never the same after.
In 4 years, I have had to change batteries once, power module 8 times, suspension once, tires four times. My first issue was the caps 2 had to be mounted a long way forward so the footplates wouldn't rub on huge front wheels. Which made it stupidly long but gave me a great baggage rack on the back. The power module seemed under-developed as it would stop sending signals to motors to take the brakes off.This happened almost every 6 months and to a lot of my mates too. I seemed to go through tires once a year but i was playing active sports. Once I was climbing into my van and a spring shot out of back of my chair and hit my dads shin. I found that the front casters would buckle easily and one two drunken nights I tore one off but thanks to the stability of the chair it drove fine on three wheels! The range of the chair is unknown the best I got was three days use without charging and with a heavy sports agenda. It was usually every other day mostly. I recon 35 miles was within reach. The huge range and power were a huge plus. I travelled to sheffield on a train with a full travel bag of 25kg on back with no problem and even up train ramp it didn't tip back. My Groove was a more refined all rounder. But with the range and power I never felt worried when I was out except that the power module might die!

American Muscle chair, power and range
Speed 12km/h
Range 50km +
Reliability 2 out of 5
Maneuverability 2 out of 5
Curb climbing up 4"
Curb climbing down 4"
Off road 3 out of 5
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Re: Storm 3tt review

Postby rover220 » 14 Mar 2016, 21:16

The gb power modules are notoriously weak and just don't last. Sounds like yours needed better programming as they can drive well. Castor forks are a weak point, I've replaced many.
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