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Re: Quantum Q6 Edge

Postby MitoGirl » 22 Dec 2016, 08:41

It's NOT you! I had the same issue with my Quantum Q6 Edge. It didn't slow down when I made a turn, and I actually knocked the front screen door off it's henges all because when I lifted up off the stick...it didn't stop! I was blamed by my family as being a bad driver...I knew that wasn't it...but what could I do? I didn't know anything else.

Well, when the rep that was helping me before moved to a different provider...I went with him. I needed some adjustments to the back rest and so a guy came out to do this. He was only supposed to be there for 15 minutes. When he finished and I got in the chair...he noticed that it jerked me really bad. He said...hold on a minute, I gotta go get a tool in my truck. He came back and plugged in to my joystick and just so you know...there are hundreds of settings for this chair. He was looking through it and asked me, "Who programmed your chair?" I said, I don't know. The more he saw...he suddenly said OMG!

What was wrong? Well, first off the chair was set to turn at the same rate of speed that you drive forward. It's supposed to slow down when you go to turn. He adjusted this, as one other thing that I was wishing it would let me do. You are not alone...I've suffered injury and horrible bruising from the inept person that let this come to my home without being correctly put at the settings I personally need.

I don't think at this point it's safe to go faster either. But you need someone that knows how to read and really understand what setting are what...cause apparently for three years I was bashing into drywall, my front door, injuring myself, etc. Get someone else to look at the turning speed.

I hope you can get this fixed...cause my chair now drives like a whole new chair. It made that much difference. This took this guy longer to do this for me...but he was not leaving until I was safe in my chair. That's the kind of service you need! All the best!
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