Newboy needs a bit of help.

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Newboy needs a bit of help.

Postby ArfurMo » 09 Sep 2017, 11:43

Hi all. Thanks for letting me join up.

I am an English male, 65, with various health problems, but particularly can hardly walk two paces on cold or wintry days. This is a double prob as I'm also the carer for my mother with dementia and I cannot drive, having always been until quite recently a very keen cyclist. So I have invested in a Rascal Vision Scooter to help with shopping and getting around town (I only live about half a mile from the centre) to appointments etc.

My name tag comes from the fact I call my machine Arfur. I should explain I am partway through mods which include duplicating the running, brake and indicator lights at higher level, closer to car drivers' eyeline, as I think this is a major safety improvement, with reversing light, extra bright front lights for some dark suburban streets, a flashing beacon etc. I should say I use my machine on the road day and night (and insist on my right to do so, particularly as it's DVLA registered, insured etc etc.) It also has a full canopy (again, under improvement) and all this led to a white van man shouting "Like your idea, mate, but it's still only arfur car!"

So when I found this forum I was delighted. I try to do jobs on my machine myself, health permitting, and I have decided I need to find the SDrive adjustment software. Can anyone advise? Also, this "Woody" chap seems to know his stuff. How would I contact him to order one of his ready-made cables? My soldering is iffy on some days because my hands shake too much and I don't want to risk damaging the controller itself. I am fairly competent with basic electronics but still consider myself a beginner as it is difficult to keep up with developments. Is it enough (and is it allowed) to use the private message system to contact this Woody chap?

Also, I'm a pretty good computer operator, a member of the RAOB, achingly handsome, NS, GSOH, fairly handy round the house (on good days), single (but only because the love of my life passed far too young mid-July) - and I write a lot of fiction :roll: .

So if any other Rascal Vision users have tips to impart, and have experience of using the software I want, please shout up.
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Re: Newboy needs a bit of help.

Postby Burgerman » 09 Sep 2017, 15:27

Woody is selling cables and has contact details on his thread pinned to the top in the buy sell part!

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