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No cushion here, click for large view!BM3

16mph (26kph) SPEED! & Why it's needed

The fastest serious, all day usable, powerchair on the planet.

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Why would you need to go 15+ mph in a power wheelchair?

I ask myself this, every time I am freezing to death on the way back from the pub in winter, or walking the dog that wants to run faster than I can go, while swearing to myself as I try not to die of exposure as I suffer at the usual & painful 6mph.  Or if I need a toilet!

At these times, 6mph, or even 8mph, feels UNBEARABLY slow as your fingers go blue and your core temperature drops. Its like some kind of medieval torture. As you watch people cycle past you (and even people run past) to get out of the rain and cold. Or just because they can. 

The throttle goes both ways. There's a speed dial. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 MPH, You get to decide. You don't HAVE to go fast!  Its about CHOICE!

PDF summary/print | Caster flutter pre-fix test vid@12mph | RC Brake test video | Folder/images

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Or again when flying my model planes & drones, helicopters I have to drive the full length of a long deserted grass runway several times a day. Its endless at 6 mph!  Life is too short for this kind of abuse!

Yet again, when I have no choice but to take to the roads to get past obstacles, areas with no footpaths or badly parked cars blocking the footpath, or groups of slow moving AB's etc. I am forced on to the ROAD, trying to find yet another non existent or blocked curb cut to get back on the footpath and out of danger. Here, 6mph is plain dangerous. Or trying to get out of the way of some blind truck driver reversing towards you in a car park. Again speed = safety.

And in the right places (like country roads, car parks, airfields, docklands, private land) its safe fun. And this chair also has immense range. So it allows you to actually go places in a sensible time. And has the battery power to back it up and make use of this speed. You can go to the places you only dreamed of.

I am not getting killed or injured just to please some beurocrat that has never even used a powerchair. The law says 4mph on footpaths. 8 mph on roads is "legal" for a powerchair in the UK. And I would only exceed these for reasons of safety or on private property. As such my BM3 chair has a 4mph setting too! For indoor and public footpath/shopping areas and legality reasons. The throttle goes both ways!

15 or 16 MPH speed burst is pretty important when I am crossing a busy intersection and finding myself racing the cars &  lights in a dynamic situation. Then trying to find a way back on to the footpath on the opposite side!  Access ramps often blocked off by traffic or other pedestrians now in the way. The more speed you have at these times the better and safer for all.

And its also important to be fast enough to get out of the way when a truck or some myopic old woman is trying to reverse into you. This kind of scenario happens all too often. Speed and acceleration is essential to me, making my life easier as well as much safer. Power, speed and control in the right hands enhances user safety, makes journeys seem shorter, allows my dog to run, makes airfields, large markets, trips into town centre all seem seem much less daunting and time consuming. And all without worrying if you will have enough battery to make it home.

And its fun!


Having 3x the range, greater torque and control, 3x the speed, 10x the battery service life, snow, sand, mud, and great indoor capability, tubeless high floatation low pressure puncture proof tyres, built in RC and fast charge capability even in your car etc is only possible only by completely re-engineering and redesigning the powerchair with better more powerful control system, better 3x bigger lithium battery, and close attention to detail...

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 PDF summary/print | Caster flutter pre-fix test vid@12mph | RC Brake test video | Folder/images

BM3 version 2011 to date::      BM3 Home
       BM3 Lithium battery
       BM3 15 MPH
       Charging Lithium
       Construction detail  
       Roboteq controller
       PDF Summary Printable
BM2 version 2006:      BM2 Powerchair
BM1 version 1998:      BM1 Powerchair  


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