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Bad steering today

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2021, 17:36
by biscuit
I'm bumping into everything with the RHS drive wheel today. Normally my steering is fine and I don't hit anything. Today all my gaps seem a bit narrower and my chair also seems a bit jerkier when I reverse off the doorway that I've just crashed into and line myself up properly to go through.

I know it is a despicable little granny chair, a Shoprider Vienna to be precise, but I love it. Is it me being a thicky about my doorways (owing to MS, this is actually slightly possible) or is my chair ready for the knacker's yard? Or might it be something wrong with the chair that I can fix?

Re: Bad steering today

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2021, 18:21
by Burgerman
Is it programmed properly? Sounds like what you get with stock chairs.

Its hard for a chair to change in the way you describe really. It might be you. Check tyres, castor wheels turn freely and no bearings failed etc.