My PG Drives VS1 Flashes 7 times

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My PG Drives VS1 Flashes 7 times

Postby dbagnis » 23 Nov 2021, 16:32

Hi everyone. I have a problem with my joystick. It is a VS1 from the company PG drives. The problem is that the battery LEDs turn on and off 7 times, pause and blink 7 times again. According to the manufacturer's code, this would be an error in the Joystick. I am trying to repair it, but there is no technical information on the internet. Can anybody help me?. Maybe we can interchange information. Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: My PG Drives VS1 Flashes 7 times

Postby ex-Gooserider » 04 Dec 2021, 06:09

Essentially there is NO technical information about the insides of any of the P&G modules... 1st make sure it is properly connected to the power module and that there is no damage to the cable. If all looks OK, then you are probably stuck with a bad joystick module - look on Ebay etc. for a good used spare...

If you are feeling adventurous you can open up the joystick and see if you can find any obvious issues, but you will be pretty limited in what you'll be able to do.

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