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Re: VR2 controller

Postby snaker » 24 Jun 2022, 03:34

The problem SOLVED drunk2 drunk2 drunk2

After trying all possible solutions, we still could not make the joystick work. My dad recognized the power module is not monoblock casting and it can be easily opened. He took it apart and found the source of the problem. The 4 female pins were pushed into wrong positions. They in fact dropped inside the box and could not hold the male pins. He put those female pins back to the correct positions. Then the gray connector perfectly fits the socket (the yellow connector now does not fit). He cut off the yellow one and replaced it by the gray one. Now the joystick works properly :thumbup:

Lesson learned: The power module is not a mystery black box. It's easy to take apart. And its inside looks fairly simple.
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Re: VR2 controller

Postby Burgerman » 24 Jun 2022, 05:30

I take everything apart. Since being a kid. Cant help myself. But it teaches you how stuff works. Well done.
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