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Postby salam321 » 20 Nov 2022, 02:34

Hello everyone,

i wonder if there is someone familiar with kivi mobility adapted cars and the aevit system
first i have a problem with the remote control allowing me to open and close the back door of the car, it suddenly stoped working, i think the problem concerns the reception (inside the car), because when i checked the remote control it seems to be still working, the infra-red lamp goes red when i push on any button.
Second, i need to entirely remove the aevit system (joystick, robots..)from the car in order to sell it, but i need the proper guide and a professional help to do it.
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Re: KIVI Mobility

Postby Burgerman » 20 Nov 2022, 15:04

Dont know where you would get that othr thankivi.

But if it were me I would sell as is, or just start undoig everything so I could see whats left. :hammer
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