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Postby slomobile » 24 Sep 2021, 13:49

Yesterday at the grocery store where I shop, where I got my vaccine, where my wife would have been 2 hours later getting dogfood, there was a mass shooting. Apparently a sushi chef employed there had just been fired. I'd never met him, but had eaten his sushi. It was ok. Friends of friends said the manager there was very harsh and difficult to work for. I don't yet know if anyone I know was among the 12 shot. I haven't wanted to go see if the names were available. I don't want to know. I don't know what I feel about it. Nothing?

We had to explain to our 8 year old attending school 2 miles away what had happened. It was a surprisingly normal conversation without emotion or hyperbole. He had a couple questions. We provided answers. We went about our day. This morning he got dressed and went off to school as normal. Its not like TV. Why on earth does this just feel routine? While police were still on scene and shooter hadn't been identified as far as we knew, I got a calm call from my wife telling me she was going to be later than usual due to taking a different route to avoid the scene. Ok. Got a call from Mount'n Mover about the half silvered mirror mount. "Sorry, I have to let you go. I need to deal with this." Not the shooting.

The water well service guys delivered a common steel tank not rated for burial instead of the stainless tank they quoted after failing to deliver the fiberglass tank which they told me was absolutely required and the only thing suitable for burial 2 months ago. Now the same guy is telling me "regular steel is just fine. Its painted. Besides, nothing else is available and you need to get this in before the ground freezes." Right next to us in the ground is the leaking steel tank I called them about 2 months ago. "Go ahead, put it in. What is the price?" "Same." Why is awful human behavior the norm? Getting upset and doing something about it makes you a target, and it puts more of the madness out in the world that generates these kind of shootings. Rolling over and accepting the situation is tacit approval. I'm confused, but I'm not surprised. Damn it.
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Re: Shooting

Postby Burgerman » 24 Sep 2021, 16:23

Because most of the world only care about $$$ and because half the planet have an IQ that is below 100 by definition. Sometimes much lower. You failed by allowing the steel tank. The retards that dont care and dont listen won again.

And in the UK we had a last school shooting literally decades back. Why? No more rifles or handguns guns available at all by the public. 7 years in prison for even owing one or trying to get one. So where you have had hundreds of school shootings and do that yearly, we had one 20 years back and banned all the guns and non since.
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