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Postby Burgerman » 24 Sep 2021, 23:15

Theres literally hundreds of such claims made every year going back decades.

ALMOST every one never actually produes anything but website and news articles. The real aim is ££££ $$$$ as they are students looking for a research job to feed themselves.

And daft claims like scooters that can charge in 90 seconds is daft because that would require 2 things. SOLID COPPER cells to take huge currents needed even on a typical small 20Ah 48V scooter battery. Which is impossible. And more current than your house can give. Much more.

Lets see what a car would need.

EV car like a tesla 80kwh. To do it in an HOUR takes an 80KW supply. (10x as much as your house can do. A high power tesla supercharger can do that as long as only one car turns up at a time. And it needs its own power sub station... To do that in 1 minute would be x60 more current. So you need a 80kw x 60 = 3600KW supply. 3600KW would supply a small town. Yes its only 90 secs not 60. So "only" a 2400KW supply. Ever saw the size of 8kw shower cables? You need THREE HUNDRED of those in your charge cable... Again thats going to need a dedicated high power electric pylon. And cables you cant lift. So yes they might work for some things like a phone if they ever exist. No use in an EV.

As it is you can already charge hobby lipo packs at 8 and 10C so 6 mins. Why are then not in cars? Same issues. Its why I charge my small helicopter pack as big as a fag packet at all the house can supply at 3000watts! Its why the PL8 is a tiny hobby charger and it uses all out power in a wall socket in the 240V UK, and double what the US 120V system can do. And thats a tiny tiny battery in 6 minutes. So marvelous headline claims. But we already have batteries that can charge way way faster than we can do in reality as its simply impractical.
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